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Post office, telephone and trade directories are useful for confirming when and where a person resided at a particular address or operated a business. They can also help to trace the movement of a person or family.

Most directories are arranged alphabetically by surname or business name, however many historical post office directories also include a geographical section, which allows you to search by suburb and street name. Directories usually contain the name and address of the main householder, not all family members. Some historical directories also include the occupation of the householder.

Trade directories contain commercial listings and many historical directories include professional listings, the names of government officials and those employed in specific industries such as banking, law, education and ecclesiastical institutions

When using directories it's worth remembering that over time, boundaries may have moved, so make sure you are checking the right suburb listing for a particular era. Also, a listing in a directory was neither compulsory nor free, so not everyone is listed.

Major postal directories and almanacs

The following is a list of major Victorian post office directories.
We also hold copies of regional and municipal directories. A PDF listing many of these titles can be found at the bottom of this table. Or, to find out what's available for a specific town, please search the library catalogue for a place name together with the keyword directories, i.e. Bendigo directories.


Port Phillip / Victorian Directories
39 individual directories covering different regions (some commercial listings). 
An index to this series is available on Fiche 1A.

GMF 98
Box 40


Kerr's Melbourne Almanac, and Port Phillip directory, 1840, 1841, 1843

The Port Phillip almanac and directory.1847

Online access available from home

1857-1880 Sands & McDougall Melbourne Directories

University of Melbourne has digitised every year of the Sands & McDougall directories from 1857 to 1880.
Online access available from home
1860-1974 Sands & McDougall Melbourne Directories & McDougall Victorian Directories
One in every five Sands & McDougall directories from 1860 to 1974 are available through the State Library Victoria. Keyword searching available.
Online access available from home

The Australia, City Directories, 1845-1948 collection on Ancestry includes -

Sands & McDougall Melbourne Directories, 1860-1882, 1884, 1892-3, 1896-1901, 1903-1907, 1910-1911.
Sands & McDougall Victorian Directories, 1904, 1912-1931, 1933, 1935, 1938, 1942
Wise's Victorian Post Office Directories, 1888, 1904, 1914

Available at the Library on the Ancestry Library
Edition database


Victorian Post Office, Trade and Specialist Directories Collection on CD-ROM.
A collection of 76 directories including:

  • Sands & McDougall Melbourne Directories, 1860-1882, 1884, 1892-3, 1896-1901, 1903-1907, 1910-1911.
    Sands & McDougall Victorian Directories, 1904, 1912-1931, 1933, 1935, 1938, 1942
  • Wise's Victorian Post Office Directories, 1888, 1904, 1914
Available on PCs NFH1 - NFH5 in the Newspapers & Family History Reading Rooms


Sands & Kenny Melbourne Directories, 1857-1861

Sands & McDougall Melbourne Directories, 1862-1911

Sands & McDougall Victorian Directories, 1912-1974.

These directories include:

  1. Contents and indexes
  2. Listings of occupants of city streets
  3. Listings of occupants of suburbs and suburban streets (section frequently used for dating houses)
  4. Alphabetical listing of main householders
  5. Trades & professional listings
  6. Miscellaneous other listings of churches, institutions etc.
  7. Advertisements at the beginning and end
GMF 98
1868-1881 Bailliere's Official post office directory of Victoria (not published every year) GMF 98 box 41

The Victoria  post office commercial directory {Wise}
The 1903-1916 directories are held in storage.

GMF 98 box 42

1933-1942 Ramsay's Melbourne and suburban business and professional directory.
1933, 1936, 1937,1938 and 1942.
Held in storage

Telephone directories

The library holds copies of Victorian telephone directories from 1913 onward.
Here is a summary of our main collections, including directories available on microfiche in the Newspapers and Family History Reading Rooms.

Metropolitan telephone directories (microfiche)

1913-1914 & 1923-1924

Victorian State Telephone Directories

GMF 98 Box 44

1925 -1995

Melbourne residential directories (various title changes)

GMF 98 Boxes 56-62

1918, 1935 -1997

Melbourne classified directories (various title changes)

GMF 98 Boxes 63-67

Melbourne directories

The residential and classified directories for the metropolitan area, experienced many name changes since 1925. To view a complete list of titles, with location details, please go to the Melbourne telephone directory family tree.

Current White pages and Yellow pages



Regional telephone directories (microfiche)

1913 -1914 & 1923 -1924 

Victorian State Telephone Directories

GMF 98 Box 44

1931 - 1970

Victorian Country Telephone Directories

GMF 98 Boxes 45 – 51


Victorian Country Classified Telephone Directories

GMF 98 Boxes 52 – 55

Regional directories 1986 -

A list of regional directories from 1986 onward can be found in the regional directories family treeThe tree includes location details.

Current White pages and Yellow pages



White pages directory on CD includes coverage of Australian wide telephone directories from 1996-2003 (incomplete)
Available o
nline in the library on PC’s NFH 1 to 5

Street directories

  • Melbourne street directories (1912-1952)
    Includes a range of Moulton's, Morgan's and Collins street directories for Melbourne and suburbs.
    Available online via the State Library Victoria website.
  • Melway street directory of greater Melbourne (1966-1999)
    A selection of Melway directories is available online via the University of Melbourne website.
  • A wide range of street directories are held at the State Library. Search the library catalogue to see what's available.

Sands & McDougall's directory

Sands & McDougall’s directory of Victoria: 1950. Melbourne: Sands & McDougall.