Australian Rules football

A guide to researching history, players, matches and clubs

Games & results

Great games

For detail on some iconic games beyond living memory see the great games you may have missed page.


Newspapers are an excellent source for listing of games and results. The higher level the competition the more broadly it will be covered.

Some of the very earliest games of Australian football will be reported in the daily newspapers such as The Argus and The Age, and also in more specialised publications such as Bell's Life in Victoria and Sporting Chronicle.

Local competitions are reported in local newspapers, many of which are available online for periods prior to 1955 on the Trove Historic newspapers database.

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Football Record

The Football Record for a single game each week in the AFL/ VFL competition from 1912 to current has been digitised and is available online.

Near the back of each week's issue the results of all previous matches for the season will be listed.

Other sources

For VFL/AFL games see Every game ever played : VFL result 1897-1997

The AFL website has detailed records of recent AFL and AFLW games.

Wikipedia has detailed pages on each year of the AFL and VFL. For example here is the Wikipedia page on the first VFL season. There are also usually Wikipedia page for final series and grand finals, for example this page on the 1945 VFL grand final.

Woods Point Football ground

Woods Point Football Ground H2012.220/2

Listing of results from final home and away round of 1912 VFL season.

Football record listing of results from final home and away round of 1912 VFL season.

Theatricals play a charity match in costume

Costume football match 1881 A/S10/09/81/289

Charity football match by theatricals in costume with proceeds to support Marcus Clarke's family. See also a blog post on the costume football match.